Sunday, December 27, 2009


With my migration to Israel (something I mentioned months and months ago) ever the more in the works, I have started watching Israeli Street Style sites with what Im hoping is a keener eye. I never cease to be amazed at what amazing looks the people out there come up with, given that I have spent my fair share of time in their country desperately trying to shop and coming up completely empty handed - but for the most amazing jewelry. Back at the Streets Walker, here are some of my favorite recent looks:

Seriously cannot wait to be a part of that culture.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So, beyond the fact that Ive just seriously neglected this blog as the past few months have been unreasonably busy, I have also neglected to mention that I got a dog! Her name is Ee-mah (when I got her, her name was "Mama" and so, to represent a more hopeful future, I changed it but not dramatically. "Ee-mah" means "mother" in Hebrew) and I couldnt possibly love her more. Shes an American Staffordshire Terrier and possibly the sweetest dog you could ever meet. AmStaffs are between Pitbulls and Bulldogs - technically what Bulldogs looked like when they were pure bred and now considered the Show Pit - and like most Terriers, she has had a terrible past. Whoever had her in their care before me used her only as a puppy mill, breeding her the moment she went into heat and so, at just under a year old, she has long since had puppies, nursed them, and been dumped at a kill shelter. As fate would have it, mere days into her stay at the Foster Shelter, I came to pick out a dog and when we met it was love at first sight. I could honestly gush for the rest of eternity but instead Ill just prove how gorgeous she is (honestly, people stop me in the street, its kind of really fun).

Saturday, December 5, 2009


As per usual...

My shoe collection is officially out of control and no matter how organized I am, my closet looks like a bomb went off. A shoe bomb. Theyre in a heap on the floor. As much as I love my East Village apartment, wherever and whenever I move next, that place is going to need shelves and shelves for these things!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Throughout the countless Fashion Weeks of the past few months all over the world I have tried my best to save my favorites of the runway.
It took awhile but I finally compiled them into a manageable visual, complete with a few of my editorial favorites as a finale.
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Monday, November 2, 2009


My partner-in-crime, Addie, and I are notoriously obsessed with Halloween.
2006: Zombie & Vampire / 2007: Helen Jewet & Black Dahlia / 2008: Sarah Palin & Her Trophy Wolf / 2009: The Manson Family Girls

More from this year coming soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


At this point it may look as though I am merely chronicling my spending:

Hector Jacket by Kimberly Ovitz / Fishtail Skirt from Bona Drag

Im particularly excited about these two pieces because they are both not only amazing but true assets to my wardrobe, things that serve a purpose in both fashion and function. The jacket is much needed as I have an unusual amount of warm wool coats and a solid foundation in cardigans but nothing but a leather jacket in between. This I will be able to throw on by itself or under a peacoat and still look properly outfitted for the cooling weather. The skirt, on the other hand, is awesome because its so elegant and can be dressed up or down - either way it offers a very versatile base to any top, be it silk, satin, or vintage. Mostly, Im excited to have found two things that not only do I love but I also "need" (says the girl who is really in need of nothing).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ive been a very disappointing blogger for almost a month.
All of the Fashion Week stuff is just too much for me, everyone else is already saying what there is to be said and so, to avoid becoming redundant or otherwise irrelevant, I have just maintained my silence and I will continue to do so as soon as I say one thing: as much as I loved Alexander Wang's use of braids in New York a few weeks back, in my opinion, Miu Miu did it better. Maybe its because Ive just recently begun middle-parting more than side-parting (and the side part was a big, dramatic thing for me, the end of an era, even) but I just love these braids a little more than the first. I love the mixture of the super sleek and shiny severe part that devolves into the slow unraveling of the braid even down past the hip, framing the clothes rather than distracting from them. While Wang's choice of hair did not distract, it didnt really highlight anything about the rugby inspired collection while the braids from Miu Miu could not make any more perfect sense alongside the hint-of-school-girl pieces. I especially love it with the severe collars and flared skirts. But Thank God because for Miu Miu to do the long braid a second time this season, after the huge success of round one, and not be as good would have been pretty lousy for them.

As usual, I am always shopping and have some things to share in a folder on my desktop
titled, "Liked", the contents of which I intend on sharing sooner rather than later. X.

Thursday, September 17, 2009



1. Vena Cava SS 2010
Ive expressed by great admiration for Vena Cava many times on this blog and, opening up fashion week, the girls over there failed to disappoint. The color scheme and polished-DIY-ness and everything down to the nail polish and tribal, beaded necklaces were perfect. Im pretty sure Im going to have to own that red-orange dress come next Spring, its just too beautiful.

2. Braids at Alexander Wang
Been braiding my hair nonstop for the past few months and, though I try, my long and infinitely fine hair refuses to look as spectacular as these models'. It doesnt hurt that they have clip-on pieces and Im using my actual hair which longs to fly out of the plait as soon as the wind hits. Nevertheless, I loved this addition to the runway. Somehow it went perfectly with each of the looks in the collection and though some have spoken out against this collection and others have blindly adored it, I really love the rugby/football look. Especially the stripes and the camel colored leather bags!


3. Models Pre-Fashions Night Out
Im pretty sure this is self-explanitory. As different as I am from these waify women, they (read: mostly) are undeniably good to look at.

4. The Return of Chokers

I mentioned recently that Ive started making jewelry and, consequently, selling the pieces down the street in the East Village but this also means I have been paying extra close attention to other jewelry designs and what looks best in terms of styles and colors and this choker-to-lengthy necklace is spectacular! As a Jewish girl Im not that psyched on the cross, ya know, cos my mom would maybe cry if I wore crosses (though Chris Habana's latest collection really tempted me to break that code of honor), but its not impossible to create something similar with maybe a different set of beads or pendants.

5. Hints of Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony
No, these skirts/dresses arent Pendelton but I love the air of campy relaxation that they evoke, much like the Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony collection. Too bad OC only made their skirts in the two weirdest and impossible to dress along with colors. Kills me.

6. The Release of Another Beautiful Maxi Skirt
And I think I like this one better than the first! Is it possible? Apparently so. Id love to have an ensemble like this.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Since reading Basketball Diaries ages ago, Jim Carroll has been one of my absolute favorite authors. Fear of Dreaming sculpted many of my most important understandings and experiences in New York City - as a fifteen year old I carried the book with me all around town trying to catch a glimpse of what Carroll saw in this city. To this day, Love Story still holds a place as my favorite poem, simple and perfect, just the way I loved it as a teenager.
The penalty for desertion
is death by firing squad

I'm saving you this trouble

enclosed is a pistol
loaded with only one bullet
squeeze the trigger once
perhaps nothing will happen.

but squeeze a second time -
a third time - You see

I know the games you love.

He died of a heart attack in his Manhattan home this past Friday, September 11, 2009 at the age of 60 - he was seated at his desk, working. Of Carroll, Patti Smith says, "I met him in 1970, and already he was pretty much universally recognized as the best poet of his generation. The work was sophisticated and elegant. He had beauty." It was his work with words and music that shaped countless moments through the decades - through film and even launching Leonardo DiCaprio into stardom with his portrayal of Carroll himself, in the film version of The Basketball Diaries. Before anything else, literature and language are my greatest passions and I personally owe Jim Carroll an enormous Thank You for stoking the flames when I was young and angry and without direction, because without work like his to let me know there was something other than Shakespeare Id never have stayed focused, become an English Major at NYU, and have infinite possibilities to incorporate what I love into my future. He will be missed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you know me or have met me or have taken a look in my dresser, you know that I am an enormous fan of Alexander Wang. Somehow he caters directly to my tastes and often introduces me, through the seasons of his collections, to new concepts that I didnt know I liked. This season is no different. Ive avoided blogging so that I can see everything at the end of Fashion Week and decide which designers to ramble about but this deserves immediate attention. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, (my favorites from) Alexander Wang SS 2010:

Friday, September 11, 2009


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I originally had every intention of stopping by Opening Ceremony, Acne, and several other places but having woken up at 7am, I came home after class and went to take a little nap. Needless to say, I overslept by an hour and ended up rushing over to Oak by 8. Luckily (?!) Bond Street was amass with parties and people and taco trucks so it wasnt a bad thing that I spent most of my time at Oak and on its sidewalk. Next door at The Smile they were serving delicious cocktails complete with Taco Tickets - which I forgot to use. Met up with so many people but went home relatively early after having quite a bit to drink. So good to see so many faces and beautiful outfits!

Some photos from the Oak party by Garbage Dress:

You know we know how to party over at Oak!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Iro's upcoming collection blows everything theyve done in the past straight out of the water. Until now, I have not been impressed but, at this moment, I am astonished and delighted and aching for some of this collection. I love these looks for similar reasons for which I love Carin Wester and Kimberly Ovitz - because of the shape of the body they create, the way they promise to fit and allow for curves and hips, creating them where there are none on narrow girls and accentuating the assets of curvier girls - however, these pieces appeal to me more in the way that this modeled is styled. She looks incredible and there is something very satisfying in her look and the way the clothes fit her and her poses. Regardless, I love the clothes. As Im becoming more and more tailored, this is the way I long to dress.