Friday, March 27, 2009


Three years ago is catching up to me in the form of the first amazing piece to come out of American Apparel in ages. Thanks to Is Mental for the heads up. Dont get me wrong, Im not in denial that AA provides a solid and dependable place to find basics but my life and my wardrobe have moved far past basics since I was an employee at the Broadway store even before the company went public. The sheer thing is really happening for summer and in response Ive upped the ante on shredding shirts. I just completed my first fully shredded item and it looks fantastic and hangs really flatteringly (on my curvy frame, at least) and I cant wait to wear it to work tomorrow. Im going to start taking requests and selling the efforts of my nimble fingers.

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Thanks to Lisa M. at Oak for the iPhone photos.

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  1. yeah. i love that dress. i'm getting it right when it comes out.