Friday, March 27, 2009


My life has been busier than ever and my health has thus been deteriorating, causing painful mornings and an impossibility to get out of bed right at 9:10 when my alarm asks me to. That doesnt mean, however, that I havent been spending money. Not having the time to physical enter stores is actually far more dangerous because it means Im shopping online without the consequence of handing my credit card over a counter and watching the cashier swipe away my hard earned money. As a result, I have purchased a handful of incredible vintage ethnic pieces to add to my jewelry collection - a hinged bone chestpiece from Australia, a silver chain-mail spiked necklace, a brass and ebony choker from India, carved red and black cinnabar bangles from Greece, and a silver ring from Tibet - as well as a vast variety of vintage and natural beads and materials to begin my own necklace "line". Pictures will go up of all my jewel finds as soon as I acquire a working camera that isnt a part of either my computer or my phone. I also purchased three pairs of shoes in one week. When asked to describe my Spring style in three words (for the Oak Facebook) it was easy, "The 90s, Unironically." If you read this blog, you know Im not kidding and its no passing thing the way I love that fateful era.

This week has been nonstop with the end of Spring break, my return to NYC from my brief haitus to Baltimore, the return to classes and work as well as a new friend in town visiting from San Francisco. With a guest around it gave me the motivation necessary to go out a bit more and I even spent an entire day in Greenpoint to go to Mary Meyer's studio and try on some of the amazing things one of Brooklyn's biggest up-and-coming designers is offering for Spring (that arent already available at Oak.) I left with the Necklace Boat Dress and the Maze Crop Top while Daniah got the Diamond Hunter Biggie. All in all, the most pleasant and special shopping experience Ive had. I met Mary the day before when she hosted a weekend at 5-in-1 here in Williamsburg where I drank a tiny beer with her and got a forest green circle scarf by Covet that I honestly have yet to take off.

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  1. God, this was such an amazing day. I get compliments on the biggie every time i wear it.

  2. Told ya it was a good purchase!

    Missing you.