Monday, March 2, 2009


Last week at Oak we got in three measly pairs of Chronicles of Never's Spring sunglasses - all of which are gone by now - nevertheless, they are a really great combination of the avant garde and the classic when it comes to shades. Considering how well they sold Im hoping that well get another shipment or that the warehouse or maybe Bond Street has an extra pair or two so that I can get my hands on them (bottom row). There's also a pretty big selection of Retro Superfuture sunglasses that come in classic wayfarer shapes as well as flattop and for non-crazy prices that rival even Ray Bans because, lets face it, nice sunglasses are all over $100 but anything under $200 maintains recession style possibility. The constant struggle to indulge in the geometrics of the crazy modern high fashion wave and avoid purchasing anything that will quickly become far-too-much and outdated, both these brands offer a lot this spring without breaking the bank.

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