Sunday, March 8, 2009


+ Shredded my first t-shirt today and it only took six hours, resulting in blisters. From this to this. Im so proud.
Im going to do a few more and then were going to put them on sale at Oak and see what happens. $165-$180.
+ Scott Matthew came into the store today and I helped him pick out shirts. Hes coming back tomorrow.
- Series Finale of The L Word tonight - Im going to miss those girls so much. This better be good.
+ Twice in one day shoppers mentioned having found my/this blog. I have no idea how to take that.
I dont think I actually understand blogs or how to get people to look at them or how to get people to
follow them or link them or check them at all. This is less for me now so hopefully some of that happens.
+/- Splurged on these.


  1. that shirt is great. i wish i knew how to shred shirts well.

  2. oooh man. I actually really love shredding. there's something oddly therapeutic about it.

    Thanks so much for giving out my email! I feel a little overwhelmed with the jewelry and my thesis and everything. I'm hiring knitters today for the oak order. It'll be in by April!!! woooooo

  3. i said that about ten times in the past two days! its so peaceful to be destroying something but making it more beautiful at the same time.

    april!? ive been telling people Fall but april is way better! im so happy its all panning out.

  4. i have now made three shirts and a scarf. buy one!

  5. the shirt is great! I have done this before and my fingers are sore. I love those shoes btw!

  6. @Luxi - thanks! too bad im wearing those shoes now and they are destroying my feet (literally and figuratively). just got to push through the pain and break 'em in.

  7. If anyone wants one I have a few pre-made or I can shred a shirt you already have for minimal $/time & effort!

  8. ooooooh mama!!
    those are definitely worth the splurge it looks abSOlutely fantastic!!!