Monday, March 2, 2009


Clearly, Ive lost my knack for being overindulgent in the expression of every minute detail of my personal and emotional life and so, I think Im going to change the theme of this blog and base my blogging more on reactions and reviews to tangible things that other people care about because...this is public, isnt it? At first I thought Id make all prior entires "private" but it turns out I have no idea how to make that happen and then I thought about deleting them but I know Id never do that, and so Im just going to turn on an axis. Mind you, it wasnt the anti-semitic threats that scared me away, but my own lack of interest in doing what Ive always done: oversharing.

Awhile ago I praised Chloe Sevigny for her pubic hair (rather than a lack thereof) but besides how good she looks in the nude my most current thoughts on her have been more along the lines of when can I finally get the Spring 2009 Opening Ceremony Collection?! because I really must see more of this up close. It doesnt look as good as her first collection because that was entirely 90s and as Ive also mentioned before, Im completely obsessed with the 90s in the least ironic way (and will be sporting LD Tuttle's Dreamer platform come mid-March, once the weather permits). This spring, however, Ive decided to introduce more color and Sevigny's Hammer Pants could certainly aid in the end to that means. They also might be utterly ridiculous but I cant knock em til Ive tried em. Mostly I want every pair of this line's shoes. I never got a pair of the past seasons' Chloe shoes despite yearning for them heavily (though I did recently snag the camel colored Opening Ceremony wedge boot that Ive been aching for all year for 1/5th the store price and might follow them up with a black pair shortly). At any rate, I must wait impatiently for news of her collection's arrival to the store.

In other style news, after a very extended shopping hiatus and a great plentiful bank account savings, Ive recently reentered the fashion world with the purchase of not only my Opening Ceremony boots but also a South Western cropped jacket and a bounty of vintage jewelry for spring (etched and chainlink chokers, bone carvings, Middle Eastern rings, and more to come) that I cant wait to wear. Not only that but Ive also rekindled my love (and skill) for crafts and have made several feather necklaces and headpieces which, if all goes well and people continue to respond to them, I will probably have for sale at some point in the near future. I learned to oxidize chain and everything so that each piece is entirely handmade but for the chainlink itself. (Also, the growing and cultivating of the feathers was done entirely by birds.)

Hopefully Ill continue to have so much to say on more than just myself and maybe - just maybe - Disposable City will thrive again.


  1. i like the wedge boots.. i love her style.. i absolutely cannot stand the photo shoot. YIKES. I would assume she has more friends in the art world who would help her out- wowza bad..

  2. these were the best options, too. some of the photos just dont make any sense.

    opening ceremony does shoes so right, at any rate.

  3. thanks for your comment. so glad i found your blog, it's great.
    linked you back!

    i help out with OC's pr and showroom sometimes, definitely looking forwards to trying the shoes on.

  4. they make chloe look terrible :(
    im sad about this photoshoot.. look at me its my second day after having seen it and im still upset.
    also.. lizzy truly is like everywhere in everything all the time.. what gives?