Thursday, April 30, 2009


Earlier this month I sung the praises of Nina Nikicio's second line Oneandahalf, having ordered four pieces of her simple but amazingly cut garments. Well, the package arrived this morning in time with my examining her latest releases and deciding upon what else to order. The two dresses, top, and pants that I selected are all incredible - well made, beautiful fabrics (seriously, so soft and perfect for Summer), and they fit rather well (Im only disappointed in one that, because Im not a size 2, is more form fitting and therefor see through where on a narrower frame it wouldve hung loose and shown less. Anyhow, it was wildly ironic that just as I was admiring her latest work, the UPS guy rang my doorbell and delivered the goods. Now knowing that she is all Id hoped and more, Im just waiting for an answer to my followup email about ordering some more pieces.

Her latest collection, Vol. 4, seems to be entitled War. Not only does is deliver just as well, if not better than, Oneandahalf, but it comes complete with a Lookbook to die for - featuring some of the most gorgeous girls Ive seen in awhile, real girls with normal bodies and sunny skin, only making the line that much more alluring. Vol. 4 is described, by Nikicio, as:
Clearly, Nikicio has a clear concept and a keen eye on what shes doing and is easily one of my very favorite designers, as I can see myself in almost everything shes made (even her early mens pieces of Vol. 2 sing unisex androgyny in a way that doesnt eliminate the curvier of those interested in a simpler, sleeker, straighter, silhouette.) Everything she offers feeds into my undying desire to be in and embody the 90s. So good it hurts. Here are some of my favorite shots from both Vol. 3 and Vol.4 by Nina Nikicio:


I owe you an apology...'re killin' it!

Its no secret that I was skeptical of TopShop in the midst of its stateside arrival but I showed up opening day - and now twice since - and Im now a devout shopper (last weekend I grabbed a floral tank dress, a gray bandage dress, a black crop top, and a pair of pale pink tights). Whats not fair is that they are taunting us, the general public, with shots of their Fall collection and now some behind the scenes clips of their LookBook photo shoot. Clearly, things are looking good.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


La Vie Rêvée Des Anges

Pull Marine

Folies Bourgeoises


Strongs N' Roses

Yesterday I came upon Viktor Vautier's photo blog and its easy to see that he has a really beautiful way of shooting some really beautiful people. He shoots more than exquisite girls but these were my favorite sets for both aesthetic and style reasons. If I were endlessly tall and thin Id make like the girls in these photos - topless. Or something.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I wish I were kidding that I went to a "Panty Party" but I did and luckily (???) I was wearing a bra-top/unitard from TopShop at work that day and didnt go home to change by the time I went out. Apparently this didnt "count" for free drinks (seriously, that was the deal) but for the hour I was there proved more than enough. A good party inspires you to take your pants off, it doesnt have to demand it. Mostly I saw too many eighteen year olds dry humping for my taste and so I was in and out by the time I was no longer entertained. Theres really no point to this post other than to show off the goods - and a special thanks to Nina for helping hoist those babies up. Here they are in my TopShop bustier-thing and an Opening Ceremony pencil skirt from Fall 2008. Alex and Chloe necklace. Blackberry. Its as simple as that.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Since birth women are encouraged to adorn every ounce of ourselves with beautiful clothing and jewelry so why does it take so long for us to find ourselves drawn to more than bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings? Historically, body jewelry has always existed but only when we are old enough to really examine our own style and fashion for ourselves do we seem to consider it wearable rather than interesting in photographs, on other people. Three notable jewelry designers have, of late, created some incredible pieces for both the torso as well as the foot! Litter SF offers both shoe and body jewelry from anywhere from $90 to $300, simple to extravagant, all beautiful. Then theres Bliss Lau, probably the most widely acknowledged designer of pieces like these as well as bags and belts. These body pieces are incredible and truly unique, taking the genre to a really special place that goes beyond just chains and incorporates pieces of leather and allows the "necklace" to mean much more by bringing the back and the shoulders into the equation. Finally, the Leviticus line, which designers Tara has had for ages, is trying out the body jewelry idea with two rather simple pieces priced quite low compared to their competition. Whether your style is edgier or more feminine, there is a way to wear these pieces to fit the individual.

Litter SF:
Walk of Shame // The Catwalk // Crypt Walk // Walk the Plank

Chain Band // Muli Chain Harness // Silver Chain Suspenders // Chainmail Harness
Bliss Lau
Tuxedo // Ponytail Vest // Ornament

Lovetriangle // Crisscross // Diamond

Leviticus Jewelry
Dark Harness // Messenger // Draped Wrap

I cant quite decide which I like best...probably a Bliss Lau piece but, lets face it, those are expensive!
It seems life is eternally full of trying shopping decisions.


Id be lying if I said Id never heard of Scout LA until recently but for some reason I never gave it much thought - something about LA being involved warps my brains reaction and forces me to assume Im not intereste, because usually Im not, but in this case, Im sort of in love. Scout, however, boasts a very unique West Coast collection that I can only describe as relaxed NYC. Where we East Coasters enjoy looking somewhat rigid, it seems that Scout has taken that look and rounded it off at the ends, sanded it down.

Oak (Bond Street Only) just got in some of their Spring pieces and thats where I originally realized my ignorance. Here is Miranda July, one of my adolescent favorites, wearing my new-for-Spring favorites: the first is a white top and a black skirt somehow melded into a really adorable dress that I did not try on because it is not so reasonably priced and I didnt want to get attached, and the second is either a dress and a light top or one piece altogether but it also looks amazing. At some point I hope to make the former my own but, for now, I am stuck to admiration from afar.

Anyone have an insight on Scout? Id love to hear more about their garments.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Biggie's available at Barneys April 2009

Im so proud to announce that Mary Meyer's Barneys CO-OP exclusive pieces are now in stores and they so beautiful! Since Oak began carrying her work over a year ago, Ive been a huge fan of her utterly gorgeous and wearable pieces. Ive also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Meyer and shes easily one of the most down-to-earth and lovely people Ive ever met. Its so great to see her succeeding in such a major way. The Sahara Pant was also featured in a spread in Teen Vogue this month - with Miley Cyrus on the cover! (Click here to see the shot.)

Mary's line is for sale on her website as well as Oak online and, Id imagine, Barneys will have them on their site soon enough.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Today, I got the bag but theres no denying that this jacket was made for me.
There is a possibility that this will be mine in two weeks time, but well see...
Outfit: Vintage Norma Kamali Dress, Spanx, Nine West Buckle Heels, Vintage Ring, and you all know the jacket...


Just made my first visit to, thanks to a post of the cutest-ugly wedges on KnightCat, so I decided to search the vast shoe options on the site and find some of the other incredibly cheap, half price, hideously cute shoes that are actually affordable! First and foremost, I spotted a pair of Pour La Victoire heels that arent half bad and and even these Oh Deer! pumps dont even have nearly an ounce of ugly (except for the heel shape, thats not my first choice) and are almost identical to the Nine West pair I also found! All three of these are relatively trendy but somewhat mother-friendly and so I cant be sure what to do with them, mentally, but if I were in need of shoes and incredibly low on funds, Overstock isnt all disappointing.

Then there were two really satisfying options for white pumps - the first of which was, yet again, from the faithful Nine West (one of my all-time favorites because when they go right, they are so right). These creamy leather slingbacks have a nice toe curve and slight platform and though they could be a little taller, Id be all over them if I worked in an office of any kind. The second pair of whites, also Nine West, are almost the same without the slingback but there isnt any platform, only a padded footbed, and still - pretty lovely in their simplicity.

Finally, there are the knock-offs. Most obviously are these, yet again, Nine West pumps that look almost exactly like those fantastic Jil Sander heels that look so killer, all of the time, on all people. The only difference is that there isnt a platform on the front and they arent nearly as pointed, but the heel is identical. Hardly upsetting. The last delightful shitty-cute shoe, though maybe not as notably knocked-off, is a clear cop of Opening Ceremony heel from last season and I honestly dont know what the difference is. Maybe there is less of a platform and Im sure this Boutique 9 pair isnt nearly as well made but still, for 70some dollars rather than 400some, what does it matter?

Anyway, thats all. I just wanted to point out how I dont necessarily hate like I do Blue Fly. Anyone want to explain that place to me?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There is only one thing I have had on my mind for several days now and though I tried to resolve the conflict on my own, I am left with no choice but to turn to you, those who stumble upon this still-young blog. The debate is this: my 21st Birthday lies less than a month away and while my parents treat me to things all year round, I dont typically ask for/get much of anything for my birthday other than a nice dinner. Though thats lovely and all, this year I asked for Alexander Wang's Denim & Black Motorcycle Jacket and though I was given a small lecture on "Are you sure?", my father agreed. But its in my nature to feel something of a weighty guilt when it comes to spending large sums of money (honestly, anything over $150 gets me reeling) and so I thought it over and decided, instead, that maybe I ought to get the Black Brenda Zip Bag. Now that both have become an option, I cant get it out of my head!

The reason I am putting so much pressure on this decision is that I really want this birthday to stand out because its the last one that really means anything to society and I havent had a standout birthday in about ten years (my parents used to throw me crazy parties with moonbounces and snow cones and barbecues etc.) The jacket is something that I will probably have forever and will always stand out - something I would probably be able to pass down as a badass heirloom of sorts - but it will only be useful on special occasions because I do have an Ideeen bomber jacket that serves its purpose really well while I will start using the bag immediately. I have nothing at all like that bag and absolutely need to stop carrying a Pendleton backpack instead of a purse, its getting out of hand. What it really comes down to is the price, the jacket is double the bag and I could possibly grab a dress from Opening Ceremony for my Birthday dinner or something, but I love them both and having both options available to me is kind of making it even more difficult to decide! Ultimately, Im hoping to somehow trick my parents into allowing me both as I think Im going to grab the bag tomorrow and then when they come visit maybe theyll see the jacket and be so moved by its beauty that theyll allow it in all its extravagance but, I guess well see.

So, I need advice. Ive laid down the arguments. What would you? What do I do?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Following in accordance with Alexander Wang's T Line, many designers are following suit by producing their own collection of simple basics, and I, for one, cant complain. In time for the recession, its good to know that despite typically astronomical prices - in some cases - that designers do still have their consumers in mind and are working around what can really be afforded. Plus, where American Apparel fails in perfecting the cuts of their shirts (Im sorry, but men and women do not wear the same shape tees and for anyone who isnt straight up-and-down, AA just isnt cutting it anymore) designers like Wang and Kain and Slow and Steady Wins the Race can spend a bit more time and product into making their pieces more flattering, feminine and versatile and charge bit more for their efforts.

Creatures of Comfort, one of my very favorite online stores, carries an incredible selection of these black to white basics. From left to right, top to bottom: Slow and Steady Wins the Race's Silk T, Hope's Cropped Tee, Hope's Merry Tee, Sophomore's Twist Tank (I tried this on in black at Opening Ceremony and actually found it to be a flattering cut - too bad I have about ten identical tops), Kain's Crop Tee, Kain's Kimino Tee, Kain's Drop Sleeve Pocket T, and Antipodium's Easy on the Eye Tee - all for under $100!

The only brand that doesnt seem to understand what an amazing bandwagon this is to jump on, immediately, is Acne - still pricing simple pieces over $200! Though I love a lot of what they do, they have perhaps one of the most laughable price point systems that have their customers paying far too much for not enough. A white tee is a white tee is a white tee and its a luxury to be able to purchase anything more upscale than Hanes but to demand anything over $100 simply feels insulting. From left to right are Acne's Beaudu Linen Tank, Bay Linen T, Bay Burnout Tee, and Bonny Linen Tee - all over $199, though it would be easy to round up.

Ive now collected three of Wangs pieces and one of Kains so Im pretty set up as far as Spring and Summer Tees but I cannot help but covet basics everywhere I go and its fair to say that this "trend" among designers is more than welcome to prove its staying power.