Monday, April 20, 2009


Since birth women are encouraged to adorn every ounce of ourselves with beautiful clothing and jewelry so why does it take so long for us to find ourselves drawn to more than bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings? Historically, body jewelry has always existed but only when we are old enough to really examine our own style and fashion for ourselves do we seem to consider it wearable rather than interesting in photographs, on other people. Three notable jewelry designers have, of late, created some incredible pieces for both the torso as well as the foot! Litter SF offers both shoe and body jewelry from anywhere from $90 to $300, simple to extravagant, all beautiful. Then theres Bliss Lau, probably the most widely acknowledged designer of pieces like these as well as bags and belts. These body pieces are incredible and truly unique, taking the genre to a really special place that goes beyond just chains and incorporates pieces of leather and allows the "necklace" to mean much more by bringing the back and the shoulders into the equation. Finally, the Leviticus line, which designers Tara has had for ages, is trying out the body jewelry idea with two rather simple pieces priced quite low compared to their competition. Whether your style is edgier or more feminine, there is a way to wear these pieces to fit the individual.

Litter SF:
Walk of Shame // The Catwalk // Crypt Walk // Walk the Plank

Chain Band // Muli Chain Harness // Silver Chain Suspenders // Chainmail Harness
Bliss Lau
Tuxedo // Ponytail Vest // Ornament

Lovetriangle // Crisscross // Diamond

Leviticus Jewelry
Dark Harness // Messenger // Draped Wrap

I cant quite decide which I like best...probably a Bliss Lau piece but, lets face it, those are expensive!
It seems life is eternally full of trying shopping decisions.


  1. all of these are so interesting. its a nice alternative to bracelets and rings :)

  2. YUM! all of it! makes me want to go out to a hardware store, buy some chain and cable wire and throw it on a pair of neglected pumps in my closet.

  3. I LOVE all of these. I want them ALLL. I love chains. It almost reminds me of a little spin off of Black Snake Moan.

    xox, mavi

  4. @mavi: just a little aside on the black snake moan subject - that concept as totally just an elaboration on a scene from Basketball Diaries where this big black guy named Reggie ties up Leo DiCaprio's character to get him off drugs!

  5. I think i'm gonna make some body chains soon. and my prices won't be nearly as high as bliss lau!! Do you work for OAKNYC??

  6. I do - Williamsburg store.
    Post pictures of whatever you make - cant wait to see!

  7. i have one by bliss lau, it is i can tell you they are good quality! xx

  8. Bliss Lau chains are my fav too :D

  9. Hey Sarah--Nice to meet you today! Bliss is the bodychain queen but those Leviticus and Litter chains are rad too. Tricky choice because you could really get two of the other chains for the price of a Bliss Lau but then again the quality and details of the Bliss... oh man.. tough one!

  10. So good to meet you! Stop in anytime.
    Also: Im thinking "Ponytail Vest"...

  11. Ponytail! That one is awesome. You should definitely go for it...well worth it and I promise it will be the kind of accessory that you'd wear nearly everyday. Do it!

  12. bliss lau is amazing! i love the 'diamond' one, i wonder if its diy-able... im useless with diys but this is just the kind of thing that would make me attempt one! thanks for sharing! x

  13. i definitely want to DIY some of these!! thanks for sharing your finds :)