Monday, April 20, 2009


Id be lying if I said Id never heard of Scout LA until recently but for some reason I never gave it much thought - something about LA being involved warps my brains reaction and forces me to assume Im not intereste, because usually Im not, but in this case, Im sort of in love. Scout, however, boasts a very unique West Coast collection that I can only describe as relaxed NYC. Where we East Coasters enjoy looking somewhat rigid, it seems that Scout has taken that look and rounded it off at the ends, sanded it down.

Oak (Bond Street Only) just got in some of their Spring pieces and thats where I originally realized my ignorance. Here is Miranda July, one of my adolescent favorites, wearing my new-for-Spring favorites: the first is a white top and a black skirt somehow melded into a really adorable dress that I did not try on because it is not so reasonably priced and I didnt want to get attached, and the second is either a dress and a light top or one piece altogether but it also looks amazing. At some point I hope to make the former my own but, for now, I am stuck to admiration from afar.

Anyone have an insight on Scout? Id love to hear more about their garments.

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