Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just made my first visit to, thanks to a post of the cutest-ugly wedges on KnightCat, so I decided to search the vast shoe options on the site and find some of the other incredibly cheap, half price, hideously cute shoes that are actually affordable! First and foremost, I spotted a pair of Pour La Victoire heels that arent half bad and and even these Oh Deer! pumps dont even have nearly an ounce of ugly (except for the heel shape, thats not my first choice) and are almost identical to the Nine West pair I also found! All three of these are relatively trendy but somewhat mother-friendly and so I cant be sure what to do with them, mentally, but if I were in need of shoes and incredibly low on funds, Overstock isnt all disappointing.

Then there were two really satisfying options for white pumps - the first of which was, yet again, from the faithful Nine West (one of my all-time favorites because when they go right, they are so right). These creamy leather slingbacks have a nice toe curve and slight platform and though they could be a little taller, Id be all over them if I worked in an office of any kind. The second pair of whites, also Nine West, are almost the same without the slingback but there isnt any platform, only a padded footbed, and still - pretty lovely in their simplicity.

Finally, there are the knock-offs. Most obviously are these, yet again, Nine West pumps that look almost exactly like those fantastic Jil Sander heels that look so killer, all of the time, on all people. The only difference is that there isnt a platform on the front and they arent nearly as pointed, but the heel is identical. Hardly upsetting. The last delightful shitty-cute shoe, though maybe not as notably knocked-off, is a clear cop of Opening Ceremony heel from last season and I honestly dont know what the difference is. Maybe there is less of a platform and Im sure this Boutique 9 pair isnt nearly as well made but still, for 70some dollars rather than 400some, what does it matter?

Anyway, thats all. I just wanted to point out how I dont necessarily hate like I do Blue Fly. Anyone want to explain that place to me?

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