Thursday, April 23, 2009


I wish I were kidding that I went to a "Panty Party" but I did and luckily (???) I was wearing a bra-top/unitard from TopShop at work that day and didnt go home to change by the time I went out. Apparently this didnt "count" for free drinks (seriously, that was the deal) but for the hour I was there proved more than enough. A good party inspires you to take your pants off, it doesnt have to demand it. Mostly I saw too many eighteen year olds dry humping for my taste and so I was in and out by the time I was no longer entertained. Theres really no point to this post other than to show off the goods - and a special thanks to Nina for helping hoist those babies up. Here they are in my TopShop bustier-thing and an Opening Ceremony pencil skirt from Fall 2008. Alex and Chloe necklace. Blackberry. Its as simple as that.


  1. Love your necklace, and the colour of that ring is fantastic. Hmmm yeah, I think I have had enough of teens gyrating and dry humping for the rest of my life lol.

  2. simple is always cool for me, it lets my personality speak :)

  3. i do! he used to live in baltimore but has since traveled the country, it seems, and met everyone ive ever remotely been connected to! i guess im not really ALL that surprised, come to think of it. hes got good taste.