Sunday, April 12, 2009


Following in accordance with Alexander Wang's T Line, many designers are following suit by producing their own collection of simple basics, and I, for one, cant complain. In time for the recession, its good to know that despite typically astronomical prices - in some cases - that designers do still have their consumers in mind and are working around what can really be afforded. Plus, where American Apparel fails in perfecting the cuts of their shirts (Im sorry, but men and women do not wear the same shape tees and for anyone who isnt straight up-and-down, AA just isnt cutting it anymore) designers like Wang and Kain and Slow and Steady Wins the Race can spend a bit more time and product into making their pieces more flattering, feminine and versatile and charge bit more for their efforts.

Creatures of Comfort, one of my very favorite online stores, carries an incredible selection of these black to white basics. From left to right, top to bottom: Slow and Steady Wins the Race's Silk T, Hope's Cropped Tee, Hope's Merry Tee, Sophomore's Twist Tank (I tried this on in black at Opening Ceremony and actually found it to be a flattering cut - too bad I have about ten identical tops), Kain's Crop Tee, Kain's Kimino Tee, Kain's Drop Sleeve Pocket T, and Antipodium's Easy on the Eye Tee - all for under $100!

The only brand that doesnt seem to understand what an amazing bandwagon this is to jump on, immediately, is Acne - still pricing simple pieces over $200! Though I love a lot of what they do, they have perhaps one of the most laughable price point systems that have their customers paying far too much for not enough. A white tee is a white tee is a white tee and its a luxury to be able to purchase anything more upscale than Hanes but to demand anything over $100 simply feels insulting. From left to right are Acne's Beaudu Linen Tank, Bay Linen T, Bay Burnout Tee, and Bonny Linen Tee - all over $199, though it would be easy to round up.

Ive now collected three of Wangs pieces and one of Kains so Im pretty set up as far as Spring and Summer Tees but I cannot help but covet basics everywhere I go and its fair to say that this "trend" among designers is more than welcome to prove its staying power.


  1. I completely agree. Acne is all the rage, especially here in Oslo, Norway where Scandinavian designs are highly praised. Acne is clean, simple and elegant with interesting experiments on cut and lines. As Swedish as it gets in other words which is good but the price range of Acne is still silly.

    And thank you for the lovely comment on the decoration of my room. A believe a home is not a home till you make it your own.

  2. Oh, if only they were a bit more reasonable!

  3. great little run-down of what's out there!! thanks!! i think i'm going to have to pick up an A.Wang tee soon. . . all i have by him is the HOPE pocket tank he did for the Obama campaign (which i adore but i don't even know how Wang it is)

  4. I havent seen what he did for Obama but that sounds like a cool piece to own and have to look back on.

    The only thing I didnt mention is that the Wang T items pill on the inside if you wear them with tights - so make sure to save it for warmer weather unless you dont mind.

  5. I am definitely a fan of designers making affordable basics! Plus once you have your basics sorted, your wardrobe can't go too wrong lol.

  6. The fact that Alexander Wang described the perfect tee, as looking as if you've slept in it first is genius. Besides, they look so super soft! :) I really want some.


  7. I would love an alexander wang tee...if only i could afford it!!!

  8. thank u:)
    the shoes are from a random shoestore in copenhagen denmark...(bought them when I travelled there few moths ago..)

    uuh I so glad Acne is a tad cheaper here since a large amount of my closet consists of Acne!
    But their clothes really do get more expencive every year which it's really lame:(


  9. p.s. just went through your blog (ok I admit not the entire blog..) and I really like what I see!

  10. I don't believe there is anything better than a slightly loose and oversized lightweight tee shirt =)

    Oh and totally agree with you on American Apparel. I HATE the way their women's tees fit, I only buy mens.

    Lovely blog =)

  11. I couldnt agree more, Emily. Theres something so amazing about finding that perfect fit, perfect fabric, perfect tee.

    The Wang is worth splurging for, I must admit!

  12. the A wang and Acne shirts look great