Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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So, Manhattan's TopShop finally opens tomorrow and despite how dramatically I despise crowds - due to the constant fear that I could have a panic attack at any moment - I have been fully tricked into having to go on opening day. As Pam blogged about the other day, this adorable group of TopShop girls has been roaming the city in the Heartschallenger bus giving out free tote bags filled with Lookbooks and fliers and some of us were given gift cards with an anonymous quantity on them between $5 and $500. Problem is that these gift cards are only valid on April 2nd!

The one thing I really dont understand about TopShop is that their Lookbook boasts the most amazing pieces and adorable styling but none of the features items even exist for purchase! At least not on the website. Instead, everything on the site just looks like slightly glorified H&M and Forever 21 reissues. Granted, I have several items from the TopShop and TopMan lines that I got at Opening Ceremony over the years but Ive never been blown away. Where are all those glorious items above? Where is all the fringe and the amazing patterns and perfect pleats and washes? I suppose Ill see how it goes tomorrow, assuming I make it through the whole experience.

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  1. I want to go so badly!
    i hope i do one day...