Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There is only one thing I have had on my mind for several days now and though I tried to resolve the conflict on my own, I am left with no choice but to turn to you, those who stumble upon this still-young blog. The debate is this: my 21st Birthday lies less than a month away and while my parents treat me to things all year round, I dont typically ask for/get much of anything for my birthday other than a nice dinner. Though thats lovely and all, this year I asked for Alexander Wang's Denim & Black Motorcycle Jacket and though I was given a small lecture on "Are you sure?", my father agreed. But its in my nature to feel something of a weighty guilt when it comes to spending large sums of money (honestly, anything over $150 gets me reeling) and so I thought it over and decided, instead, that maybe I ought to get the Black Brenda Zip Bag. Now that both have become an option, I cant get it out of my head!

The reason I am putting so much pressure on this decision is that I really want this birthday to stand out because its the last one that really means anything to society and I havent had a standout birthday in about ten years (my parents used to throw me crazy parties with moonbounces and snow cones and barbecues etc.) The jacket is something that I will probably have forever and will always stand out - something I would probably be able to pass down as a badass heirloom of sorts - but it will only be useful on special occasions because I do have an Ideeen bomber jacket that serves its purpose really well while I will start using the bag immediately. I have nothing at all like that bag and absolutely need to stop carrying a Pendleton backpack instead of a purse, its getting out of hand. What it really comes down to is the price, the jacket is double the bag and I could possibly grab a dress from Opening Ceremony for my Birthday dinner or something, but I love them both and having both options available to me is kind of making it even more difficult to decide! Ultimately, Im hoping to somehow trick my parents into allowing me both as I think Im going to grab the bag tomorrow and then when they come visit maybe theyll see the jacket and be so moved by its beauty that theyll allow it in all its extravagance but, I guess well see.

So, I need advice. Ive laid down the arguments. What would you? What do I do?


  1. That is a tough decision. I'm not sure what I'd choose, the jacket is incredible but the bag is pretty amazing itself. Knowing me I'd probably go for the jacket because 1.I'm a sucker for any kind of leather jacket and 2.I always tend to lean towards articles of clothing as opposed to bags with my purchases.

    However if you know you're going to get more use out of the bag I'd probably go with that, there's nothing I hate more than to see fantastic (and expensive) pieces go to waste in the back of my closet.

  2. Theyd both get a ton of use - just in different ways. This is too hard!

  3. Such a hard decision!

    I love both, but would probably not wear the jacket until its extreme trendiness died down. (as i do not want to seem like one of *those* barney's coop girls even though i love the coop, haha)
    It's going to look so great with wear and tear!

    The bag is classic by now of course and so versatile..and if you can get an OC dress with it..icing on the cake.

    But yes, try to trick your parents and see what happens!

  4. Ahhh, such a hard decision!

    I love both, but would probably not wear the jacket until its extreme trendiness dies down. (as I do not want to be associated with *those* barneys coop girls, even though i love the coop, haha)
    It's going to look even more amazing with wear and tear!

    But the bag is a classic of course, and so versatile. and if you can get an OC piece with it..icing on the cake.

    But yes, please attempt to trick your parents and see what happens!

  5. I see your dilemma, both are very cool! I would go with the bag though. Considering spending a large amount of money isn't something you do all the time, you would get more use out of the bag than the jacket I would suppose.

  6. The jacket. Though the Rogan site rogannyc.com has a lovely jacket on sale for an absurdly low price and it looks a bit more timeless.

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  8. Thanks for all the suggestions.
    @Todd: Rogan isnt really my style but thank you, I cannot stop thinking about the Wang jacket, its just so perfectly 90s and thats kind of all I am.

  9. get them both!!! :-) i love the bag but i do think the jacket is a better investment. it will be something great that you will keep forever, a true one of a kind piece that you can pass down and cherish!


  10. I think that anyone would agree on
    Birthday+Wang = Awesome.




  11. oh god after reading this i dreamt about that jacket! how bizarre. i might be leaning towards the bag...what happens when the 90s die....again??!! i don't know!!! but happy birthday either way!

  12. I have bought it! there a pix on my blog where I am wearing it check it out!! and it has be my best buy for a long time!! I wearing all the time, and simply love it especially for the summer it's perfect to go out when it gets a little warm..

    so you should

    all the best
    the bat

  13. What about asking your parents to get you the bag now for your birthday because it's something you can start wearing immediately? And then if you really, really, really want the jacket, ask them if they can get that for you as an early holiday winter present? (They'd get it for you now but it's you're early present from them). I think the jacket is a better investment for me, personally. I may not be too good with white bags staying clean! Keep us posted on your decision!! Glad I found your blog!!


  14. update: got the black bag. pretty much over the jacket. pretty sure i made the right choice.