Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I honestly have no idea how I turned this blog into a style blog, but Im hoping to eventually salvage what is left of my more personal thoughts and move my fashion ideals (of which there are many and Im attempting to sort through in a coherent manner) to BADLOOKING where I will let myself go overboard with infinite posts and links and photos and whatever else. Until the new blog is really set up, I have a few things to share (some of which have been shared elsewhere but deserve more support):

1. Nina Nikicio's Oneandahalf

Another blogger - Style Bubble - gets full credit for posting about Nikicio's work yesterday. As a huge fan of simple silhouettes and the full spectrum of the gray scale, I immeditely contacted the designer, herself, asking for prices. To my surprise, some items are even as inexpensive as $19! Of course that raises the question of quality but with most designers pricing their items far above $100, ordering a few items under that feels logical (?) so Im placing my order tonight. That white dress, in particular, will be mine! Nina calls the collection Heartbreak, describing it as:
Collection 1: Heartbreak is pretty straightforward as it’s inspired by the end of one relationship and so the color is somber in black, white, and grey pallete. The tassels and attached shawls are used in the collection to represent tears and hoods are used to hide the face. The detachable shirt, blazer, cuff, and collar are used to represent the shattered feeling. We’ve all been there and it’s not pretty, but it’s very challenging to create a collection based on sadness and make it look beautiful. If there’s such a word as beautiful sadness, then this is what the collection is about.
1. Aoi Kotsuhiroi

A little over a week ago I stumbled upon some images of these pieces somewhere on the internet and seeing that Jessie over at Burn These Bones also blogged about them (I also totally stole her efforts to capture the images from Kotsuhiroi's site), I had to chime in with my own words of appreciation. Lord knows I love all things dead and dying - hence Horace and Morris - so I immediately fell for these pieces that incorporate human hair, crystals, fired porcelain in the shape of eerie skulls, all handmade. Each of these is so uniquely beautiful and mesmerizing, I only wish I were made of money so that I could make this piece my own. The craft of the hair - used almost as wire - and its sleek blackness amongst jade green stones and the slight dirtiness of the skull pieces is just unreal and truly beautiful.

3. Opening Ceremony Spring 2009
Somehow it completely escaped my knowledge that Opening Ceremony finally put up a website that I can lurk constantly - my favorite hobby. Thus, after creating this list:
Mock Neck Bodysuit
Zip-Front CardiganOC Bodysuit Dress
Jean Bodysuit
Pleated Pointelle Skirt
Nude Toga Tank
Waisted Knit Top
OC Cropped Bow Top
OC Beach Top
of items I am coveting, I made my way down to Canal Street - my least favorite place on this green Earth - and tried on almost everything on that list. Of course, what I came out with was yet another piece of Alexander Wang's T Collection. Ive overworn my long black racer back tank dress so I chose to get the cream version. Its safe to say I need to stop shopping.

4. Oak Editorial
The most recent Lookbook shots from Oak are really high fashion and worth sharing with yall!
Come visit me this weekend (and buy some Acne products from me so I can win a free item).

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