Friday, May 29, 2009


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On May 12, 2009, my 21st Birthday, I got my second tattoo - the phases of the moon.
Boatneck Dress by T by Alexander Wang, Underwear by American Apparel

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Something that has, until now, been left unsaid since my duality between Disposable City and BADLOOKING began is that I am very much Pro-Israel. I do not announce this to start any kind of debate or controversy but rather to declare my utter excitement upon finding The Streets Walker this morning. I spent time in Israel as an eleven and twelve year old and made my return to the homeland this January for a few weeks. As I mentioned on Disposable City, I had an incredible time, an experience that surpassed all others, and fully intend on moving to Israel in the next year or two. Needless to say, while there are phenomenal jewelry designers and an abundance of beautiful people, there are very few places to find alternative designers. In New York City, not only do I work at one of the most prominent boutiques in up-to-date counterfashion, but there are countless others. Thus, I had a bit of a hard time getting any shopping done during my trip. This spawned my interest in not only living there but possibly opening a small store, something like Oak, to bring what I imagine could do very well to a place that doesnt already have it. At any rate, it looks like maybe I just didnt know my way around just yet because The Streets Walker offers photos of some of Israels most stylish - clearly these people have figured out how to work around their distance from European and American shops, and look incredible, nonetheless. Here are my favorite shots of my favorite Israeli outfits:

All Photos by The Streets Walker

There is just something so perfectly casual about every one of these looks. Simultaneously fashion and body conscious but effortless and comfortable and leisurely. Every fashionable New Yorker secretly hopes to run into The Sartorialist on the street, looking their best - I now, not-so-secretly, hope to be on The Streets Walker someday...

Friday, May 15, 2009


New York Adorned is easily the best tattoo/piercing parlor in NYC - not only is it a beautifully decorated and clean storefront, but its also one of the best run. Id had my septum pierced twice there at least four years ago so it was my first choice when it came to where to get tattooed on my Birthday but I kind of assumed theyd have the highest prices, but after getting estimates all over the East Village, Adorned not only gave me the best offer but also made for the least awkward experience (why is it that asking about tattoos is always such a nervous human interaction?). I was ecstatic to be able to get my work done there!

Beyond the craft of their artists, Adorned also sells the most incredible jewelry collections! It was impossibly hard not to empty my bank account over the amazing vintage and handmade pieces that fill cabinets and displays all over the waiting area in the front of the store. Now, several days later, I am fully lurking their website. Some of my favorite pieces and designers are:

Elizabeth Thompson

Liz Mclaughlin, Alan Mautino

Katrina LaPenne, IL Design

I very much look forward to saving up and owning some of these, amongst many other one-of-a-kind pieces available in the New York Adorned stores.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


My 21st Birthday was celebrated with a nearly twenty person party at Macao Trading Company, who collectively did a phenomenal job making the whole event very special. Not only did they bend their rules and allow for a more than eight person reservation but they also seated us in the more private downstairs, served lots of champagne and even made me an exquisite matte vanilla and lemon cake with fresh flowers on top! The place itself was beautiful as well, as you can see above, and the food was delicious. My chicken dumplings were easily one of my favorite NYC dishes, not to mention Ive definitely never had friend rice that good, ever before. Theres nothing I love more than glorified simple dishes - God knows Im a picky eater - and Macao was the perfect choice for my 21st celebration. Plus, Im a big fan of great backgrounds and meaningful symbolism, which is why I was sort of smitten with both the decor and the name of the restaurant, itself:

By the end of the night Id had three glasses of champagne, four (amazing) mixed drinks (Macao specials), and three Long Island Iced Teas...May 13th was rough, to say the least. But this was, by far one of my most special Birthdays. I somehow managed to snag the perfect restaurant, the perfect dress, and an amazing array of my closest friends - not to mention that I got tattooed and will, physically, never be able to forget May 12th, 2009!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ive watched All Saints website (not the girl group that covered RHCP so well all those years ago) for awhile now and though I have never ordered anything from them, I am ever the more tempted as they continue to update for Spring. Mostly it is their silhouettes that lure me - they show the most incredible side views of their pieces! Typically I shy away from ordering from places that drain my bank account with not only the goods that they offer but the shipping charges to get those pieces into my closet but who knows, its possible Im going to need to make an exception - that skirt! Its exquisite! There is a slight train to the back and it has a silk line down the side as though it were a glorified pair of slacks. How is the Euro doing lately? Lousy, I hope.

Aya Mini Dress // Mabelle Dress // Vordana Skirt

Tie Dye Beanie // Koenig Beanie // Gaurdian Beanie

Silk Shannon Bag // Dock Bag // Lola Harness

Monday, May 11, 2009


I made it mine. Using both my charismatic skills of persuasion as well as the acquaintances (the amazing other Lisa M.) given to me by my amazing job at Oak (which was given to me by the Lisa M.) after a couple of e-mails and the mention of my birthday, I got my Vena Cava and not for $750. Thank God, because I couldnt have afforded that - and I really wanted to gift this piece to myself for making it twenty-one years without fucking up too badly. Yes, it meant an intense hour long journey into the depths of Brooklyn and surprising little neighborhood walk after surfacing from the subway, but it was totally worth it! (I also wrote my first check for this dress.)

Over there, on the right.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It goes without saying - though I do and will, again and again - that I love the 90s and not in an ironic way. I dont think its mildly funny to do throwbacks or whatever Urban Outfitters (as much as I love them, as well) might have you think - I genuinely and undyingly adore everything about 90s fashion and music and culture, as ugly as it may be at times. That being said, I may have outdone myself today, in all my 90s worshiping glory. As usual, Im at work but something about this outfit, and the way it embodies all my personal hopes and dreams about the summer of 2009 (even though today's weather is around the 60s), has put me in a great mood despite the fact that I woke up exactly an hour too early this morning (8:10 as opposed to 9:10). This did, however, allot a good amount of time to make my Happy Mothers Day phone call, another positive mood alter-er. My mother sent me twenty-one Birthday cards, I just hope she doesnt kill me after finding out I am getting another tattoo on Tuesday as commemoration of my last lawfully important birthday - my 21st. At any rate, this is what I have on, complete with a middle part, visible bra straps, and a flannel tied around my waist:

Black Slim Halter Tank by Alexander Wang, Brenda Bag by Alexander Wang, Above 1 Suede Pumps by Acne, Dream Angels Push Up Bra by Victoria's Secret

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, its somewhat last minute but Im now doing a desperate scramble in attempts to find the perfect dress for my Birthday on Tuesday. Literally, the only one I found that is more than just "okay" is the Vena Cava Thoth dress - this beautiful little black silk number with silver metal moons and circles sewn all over it, making for not only an amazing looking print but something unique and textured and special - I MUST have it! The only problem is, its extraordinarily expensive. Im willing to drop a good few weeks paychecks for this dress but not that many. Its rare that I feel so girlishly connected with a piece, usually I know Ill eventually grow weary of it and sell it for half its original price on Ebay (who I am currently fueding with) or at Buffalo Exchange, but I do think this dress is special enough but also "Little Black Dress" enough that it could have some serious staying power in my closet.

If Im able to get this dress for less by Tuesday, I will be so happy. For those still curious about the Jacket vs. Bag debate, I went with the bag and couldnt be happier. I got it in black (never intended to get it in white, that was just the best picture available on Google Image search at the time) and its kind of amazing. Its only flaw is that, when Im drunk, Im paranoid about opening it and accidentally dumping everything out. Its a serious fear. If I could make my Birthday an event where Im wearing that dress with my Alexander Wang bag over my shoulder and my brand new tattoo, that would be a pretty successful look. Anyone who might want to donate to the cause, feel free to get in touch! Any are welcome to simply find, buy, and send me that dress in a size medium, that would also be helpful. can just wish me the best of luck and a Happy Birthday!