Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, its somewhat last minute but Im now doing a desperate scramble in attempts to find the perfect dress for my Birthday on Tuesday. Literally, the only one I found that is more than just "okay" is the Vena Cava Thoth dress - this beautiful little black silk number with silver metal moons and circles sewn all over it, making for not only an amazing looking print but something unique and textured and special - I MUST have it! The only problem is, its extraordinarily expensive. Im willing to drop a good few weeks paychecks for this dress but not that many. Its rare that I feel so girlishly connected with a piece, usually I know Ill eventually grow weary of it and sell it for half its original price on Ebay (who I am currently fueding with) or at Buffalo Exchange, but I do think this dress is special enough but also "Little Black Dress" enough that it could have some serious staying power in my closet.

If Im able to get this dress for less by Tuesday, I will be so happy. For those still curious about the Jacket vs. Bag debate, I went with the bag and couldnt be happier. I got it in black (never intended to get it in white, that was just the best picture available on Google Image search at the time) and its kind of amazing. Its only flaw is that, when Im drunk, Im paranoid about opening it and accidentally dumping everything out. Its a serious fear. If I could make my Birthday an event where Im wearing that dress with my Alexander Wang bag over my shoulder and my brand new tattoo, that would be a pretty successful look. Anyone who might want to donate to the cause, feel free to get in touch! Any are welcome to simply find, buy, and send me that dress in a size medium, that would also be helpful. can just wish me the best of luck and a Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! all the best on getting the dress & then some.

  2. Sounds like the best item for out on the town on your birthday. Hope you get your wish. Happy Birthday!