Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ive watched All Saints website (not the girl group that covered RHCP so well all those years ago) for awhile now and though I have never ordered anything from them, I am ever the more tempted as they continue to update for Spring. Mostly it is their silhouettes that lure me - they show the most incredible side views of their pieces! Typically I shy away from ordering from places that drain my bank account with not only the goods that they offer but the shipping charges to get those pieces into my closet but who knows, its possible Im going to need to make an exception - that skirt! Its exquisite! There is a slight train to the back and it has a silk line down the side as though it were a glorified pair of slacks. How is the Euro doing lately? Lousy, I hope.

Aya Mini Dress // Mabelle Dress // Vordana Skirt

Tie Dye Beanie // Koenig Beanie // Gaurdian Beanie

Silk Shannon Bag // Dock Bag // Lola Harness


  1. I'm in the same boat! I love all saints, and stalk their site all the time, but can never get up the balls to order from them because of the cost. I like them because they're so Rick Owens-y, and it is a bit telling that Rick Owens is so expensive, All Saints really is the cheap version of it!
    I've decided, though, that if buying a house doesn't work out for me, I'm definitely getting an All Saints leather jacket. Consolation prize.

  2. All Saints > House...that might be wrong...

  3. you interviewed lissy trullie?

  4. haha - no no, ive just read several interviews in hopes of attaining some insight into why everyone gives a shit and shes not very well spoken or interesting. just one of those kids that says "i just dont give a FUCK!" to everything like its a legit explanation.