Tuesday, June 30, 2009



As the flier says, on July 12th I will be joined by the lovely, talented, and endlessly creative minds and bodies of Nikki from Dirty Flaws, Jeralyn of Ill Wear Any Color As Long As Its Black, Pam from Langoliers and Pamalamala, as well as Tiffany and Christina, the Six Six Sick Girls (who will also be DJing), at the Broadway and Houston Urban Outfitters in NYC to conduct six unique DIY Tutorials. The event will begin at 2pm and end at 5pm but there will be refreshments and socializing both before and after where attendants will have the option to ask questions and see demonstrations up close, as well as meet and mingle with one another and bloggers, alike.

There will be 60 RSVP spots available, which secures those on the list a seat at one of the limited table spots as well as a Gift Bag that will have DIY materials as well as magazines and the How To Handbook that Urban has created specifically out of our written tutorials. Because these spots are so limited, each of us involved is going to be holding a contest on our own personal blogs. This is what it entails:
By July 5th, we will have our winners picked - the lucky ten, two from each blog, that will have secure front row seats to the NYC DIY Event of the Summer! Leave your entry as a comment, here, on this post, and be sure to tell your friends about it! All five of our blogs will be hosting this contest and we cannot wait to see who gets to join us on July 12th!


I guess Id always taken notice of the art posted on Tobacco and Leather, but not until today did it really strike me that, first of all, the girl has a wildly talented hand, but also that the infrastructure of blogging and bloggers sort of goes beyond what I could ever have imagined. Yesterday morning I noticed that my blogroll was riddled with images and posts of 4th and Bleeker's Michael Jackson inspired white fringe dress. Its a beautiful piece, especially impressive as a DIY, and the Internet is going nuts over it. But then, today, on top of that, Tobacco and Leather posted about a girl tattooing her arm with a drawing by Tobacco and Leather of 4th and Bleeker! So, I did a little digging (meaning a clicked a few links) and was suddenly bombarded with beautiful drawings, drawings I knew I had to rave about, because I think its easy to imagine bloggers as girls with lots of money and an obsession with fashion when, in reality, some are incredible talents, definitely worth watching.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Friday, June 26, 2009


Bacardi B-Live from Marissa O on Vimeo.

On what Im pretty sure was June 17th, Bacardi hosted one amongst many of their B-Live events in NYC and now I cant stop hearing about it! Longtime friend Marissa, a video editor and filmmaker, was fixed to create the video for this event (above) but it seems that quite the array of friends and acquaintances alike were there as well. Not to mention, the unforgettable and endlessly lovable supporting cast member of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Jazzy Jeff, utilizing the DJ prefix, as well as Matt & Kim, a band Ive seen at least three times. Clearly, I missed something awesome. One blogger reacted saying:
Man... I woke up wondering if last nights Bacradi B-Live party at NYC's M2 Ultra Lounge was some sort of splendid, magical dream. I couldn't even walk a few feet without someone throwing their arms around me, pouring some drank in my cup, kissing me on the forehead and saying something like "the world is great with you in it." I don't know if someone put MDMA in all the booze or impregnated the place with prom-night-love but shit was right.

Matt and Kim had a smashing performance. DJ Jazzy Jeff reintroduced and killed the nineties, people lost their minds and probably some pounds from sweating so damn much. There were beautiful women, Theophilus London, and more booze than at my family reunion. What more could you want? A giant lit up kaleidoscopic boom box for a stage and flashing lights with glitter and lasers? Oh wait, they had that too; they had all that shit. Good thing I was there so I could share the adventure. Checks it! Stay up!
But look at that set! Look at all the dancing! It looks pretty fun - considering Im trying to be less of a homebody and utilize how much I love to be in the mood to dance - though it has been a rare mood to conjure, I am trying to lure it out more often. I definitely did that on Tuesday night at A.OK's launch party at Don Hills. As a staff, Id stay Oak employees like to party more than any other staff out there, so we throw the best ones , ourselves. With an open bar, things got a little crazy but its safe to say the good times were maintained with lots of dancing and a late night visit to the Jane Hotel for a $12 cocktail called The Lady Marmalade. So good, so expensive. I love my job.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Online at The Grand Social

Clearly obsessed.


There are no words for how beautiful I find every last look of Australian designer Ellery's 09/10 Runway Collection. There is something very refined but still DIY about the work, simple but statement-making details, strong shoulders but feminine skirts, unhemmed edges next to thick polished hems, sequins and slacks, silver paired with gold, high neck lines and dipped backs - pulling off such contrast it a heavy task for any designer but somehow this works perfectly. Kym Ellery is the principal designer of this label and Vogue Australia had this to say about her:

After studying Fashion Design and Production in her home town of Perth, designer Kym Ellery moved to London and completed studies in Fashion Illustration and Sketchbook Building at leading fashion school, Central Saint Martins.

Upon returning home to Australia, Kym set her sites on styling as a means of learning more about the fashion industry.

With years of fashion knowledge and talent under her belt, Kym's debut label Ellery was born.
“I felt like there was a small gap in the market for well made, fashion-forward clothing. Clothing that came out of a label that created its own trends yet refreshed its image each season– as we see in many of the international design houses,” Ellery explains.

Her focus on refreshing well cut fabrics and design is what drives the Ellery label forward, offering her audience unique yet wearable options with notable design distinction. Since it’s debut S/S 2007 collection Ellery has been favourably received with prominent editorial fincluding Vogue Australia. Her upcoming S/S ‘08 collection will be the third installment in her continued development.
The most surprising thing is that some of her pieces can actually be purchased online. These pieces arent available yet but Spring and Summer is up on her website, priced anywhere from $200-$2000. I, honestly, cant wait to get my hands on some of this and can definitely see a certain Oak co-worker in that blue cut-out number. I cant believe how perfect her pieces are and I will remain in shock until her next show.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I often forget to, well, read blogs. Usually its the more popular ones that slip my mind because all those .coms dont show images on my blogroll and so I do not click their links because getting my attention means waving things in front of my face. But, just now, I remembered (how could I ever forget) how lovely the photos over at Jak + Jil - duh - are, so I headed over. Lo and behold, I fell in love with what may almost actually and literally be my ideal man, my future husband: a little neanderthal, the low brow and the strong jaw, but a little dreamy and only slightly chiseled, channeling and pulling off just the only most necessary bit of gutter punk without sacrificing his cleanliness, and he even has that weird short-hair-that-wants-to-be-curly that gets me going. I just really want to see his shoes, I hope hes wearing boots. Black boots. Worn in but not torn. Ill stop there - before I become unreasonable.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It took me a little over a week to find time in all the right places but I finally finished the entire first season of The Hunger, a late 90s Showtime series that played off the eeriness of The Twilight Zone and the over-sexualized and demon-friendly themes and looks of Alt Rock music videos of the decade. I watched the first episode, which was by far the best (hence the most photos of the beautiful girl named Amanda Ryan who played Musidora opposite Balthazar Getty, who is insanely attractive - and yes, thats Daniel Craig with Lena Headey who played the queen in 300 and yes, they had a sex scene) on Netflix one day and never looked back. Many of the actresses, all of whom get naked, are insanely beautiful and as a complete fanatic for the style of the times, I loved much of what they wore and all of what they wore underneath. The lingerie of that decade was really curve-friendly and the ideal body was lean but with hips and natural breasts. Mostly, I loved the women though that doesnt stand true for every episode. Anyhow, I took a huge lot of still shots when I was most impressed with some dramatic lighting or just the look on a face or costuming. The whole thing is pretty hilarious and while some episodes have cohesive plot lines, sometimes its just a ploy to show more tits or just use strobe lights but Im not complaining because it was a very enjoyable experience, getting to know The Hunger. There are still two or three seasons to go but Ill be sure to watch them as well, taking stills all the time.

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Friday, June 19, 2009


Something so incredibly good is happening from the waist down for Evil Twin F/W 2009 - over at Platinum Evil. Not that from the waist up isnt so perfectly accessibly edgy - the kind that alienates no girl - but Im particularly picky and precise about what I wear around my waist and I can see myself in almost every skirt in the lookbook. Its rare that a bottom offers a cut, color, and fabric choice that could flatter multiple body types, both straight-up-and-down as well as curvy, but Id like to imgaine that these pieces may have, in fact, succeeded in that endeavor. Unfortunately, my absolute favorite item, the double zip leather skirt, which I inquired about and anticipated making my own, never went into production. I have yet to ever stumble upon such a perfect meeting of high-waist and slight schoolgirl and earnest bad assedness. Its safe to say Ill be searching high and low this year for something, anything, similar. Let me know if anyone knows of anything I could try to fill the void with!
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Check Out the Collection at Evil Twin The Label

Monday, June 15, 2009


It took months and months of debate. But we are now a happy family, all three of us.

In other news, Ive been a lousy blogger as of late because all of my good ideas have been going to Oak Williamsburg. Not because I like it better over there (I love all my blogs to same, like little babes) but because Ive been so busy with school and work and school and work that I can think only in Oak. Thus, Id like to send everyone over there for a brief viewing of what both myself as well as Lisa have put up in recent weeks. Im pretty into my explanation of our Alter Ego series:
Several days ago Lisa and I found ourselves contemplating the idea of the "Alter Ego" - Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan has Pearl and I think its safe to say that every girl has that moment where she spots someone pulling off what perhaps she wasnt given the goods to pull off. The Alter Ego is about forgetting any insecurities, forgetting societal norms, forgetting yourself and just doing, for a moment in time, what feels right but may not be entirely "you". Fashion lets us play with this concept, offering up infinite styles and giving us the choice of what to purchase and what to pass up. Of what we do make our own, we all have pieces that make regular appearances and then we have pieces that only come out on those special days. For me, that piece is my Gareth Pugh Sheer Nylon Dress. Though Im not far gone enough to have a name for my alter ego, its safe to say Id want her to look like this beautiful girl - coy and tall and see through.
But Im pretty awesome for showing off how to accessorize out of a magazine, style like Alexa Chung, fix up a Fug outfit for Summer, and maybe share some Monrow with Mindy Kaling. Over at Oak we are having a friends and family (and faithful Blogger) day this upcoming Thursday where everything is 40% off. Send me an email or call me at the store or just come in - mention this post and say "Hey" to take advantage of the sale! The day after, on Friday, everything goes to 30% as the start of our 30-40-50 Summer Sale. Dont miss out, once its gone, its gone! Hence, my finally nabbing The Jacket. Oh! and come meet our the newest addition to our staff, Angela, featured in the photo just there.