Friday, June 26, 2009


Bacardi B-Live from Marissa O on Vimeo.

On what Im pretty sure was June 17th, Bacardi hosted one amongst many of their B-Live events in NYC and now I cant stop hearing about it! Longtime friend Marissa, a video editor and filmmaker, was fixed to create the video for this event (above) but it seems that quite the array of friends and acquaintances alike were there as well. Not to mention, the unforgettable and endlessly lovable supporting cast member of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Jazzy Jeff, utilizing the DJ prefix, as well as Matt & Kim, a band Ive seen at least three times. Clearly, I missed something awesome. One blogger reacted saying:
Man... I woke up wondering if last nights Bacradi B-Live party at NYC's M2 Ultra Lounge was some sort of splendid, magical dream. I couldn't even walk a few feet without someone throwing their arms around me, pouring some drank in my cup, kissing me on the forehead and saying something like "the world is great with you in it." I don't know if someone put MDMA in all the booze or impregnated the place with prom-night-love but shit was right.

Matt and Kim had a smashing performance. DJ Jazzy Jeff reintroduced and killed the nineties, people lost their minds and probably some pounds from sweating so damn much. There were beautiful women, Theophilus London, and more booze than at my family reunion. What more could you want? A giant lit up kaleidoscopic boom box for a stage and flashing lights with glitter and lasers? Oh wait, they had that too; they had all that shit. Good thing I was there so I could share the adventure. Checks it! Stay up!
But look at that set! Look at all the dancing! It looks pretty fun - considering Im trying to be less of a homebody and utilize how much I love to be in the mood to dance - though it has been a rare mood to conjure, I am trying to lure it out more often. I definitely did that on Tuesday night at A.OK's launch party at Don Hills. As a staff, Id stay Oak employees like to party more than any other staff out there, so we throw the best ones , ourselves. With an open bar, things got a little crazy but its safe to say the good times were maintained with lots of dancing and a late night visit to the Jane Hotel for a $12 cocktail called The Lady Marmalade. So good, so expensive. I love my job.

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