Friday, June 19, 2009


Something so incredibly good is happening from the waist down for Evil Twin F/W 2009 - over at Platinum Evil. Not that from the waist up isnt so perfectly accessibly edgy - the kind that alienates no girl - but Im particularly picky and precise about what I wear around my waist and I can see myself in almost every skirt in the lookbook. Its rare that a bottom offers a cut, color, and fabric choice that could flatter multiple body types, both straight-up-and-down as well as curvy, but Id like to imgaine that these pieces may have, in fact, succeeded in that endeavor. Unfortunately, my absolute favorite item, the double zip leather skirt, which I inquired about and anticipated making my own, never went into production. I have yet to ever stumble upon such a perfect meeting of high-waist and slight schoolgirl and earnest bad assedness. Its safe to say Ill be searching high and low this year for something, anything, similar. Let me know if anyone knows of anything I could try to fill the void with!
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Check Out the Collection at Evil Twin The Label


  1. SOOOOOO Good.

    I wish I lived in Australia.


  2. she has such awesome stuff!

  3. your blog is fantastic!
    just found it but will be back for more!