Monday, July 6, 2009


Its already the middle of the Summer, I know, but I cannot bear my Slow and Steady Wins the Race canvas wedges any more - I have both the sandal and the slingback - and my feet swell so much in my Acne's that Lisa has threatened me, so I finally stopped lying to myself by watching endless Marni sandals on Ebay and I finally buckled down, did some research and picked out a pair of cheap sandals to destroy for the remaining hot months in the city. It was a debate between these, from a brand Ive never heard of nor owned, and the Nine West Ripple, but these Charles David Tinker wedges won out. They have a platform front, which makes a difference, apparently, because customer ratings were quite high. Plus, its satisfying to have found them originally for $103 and then hunted and discovered then for $70 - a price that will allow me to feel just a bit less monsterous about the things my shoes suffer. Reminicent of Marni wedges, themselves, I may end up pulling a Childhood Flames and Sharpie the sole for a solid black look but, as I learned with my Acne wins, I do like the natural base. Anyhow, I hope they arrive before Sunday! Im planning an afternoon of going nuts on Oak's new Alexander Wang arrivals later this week so, it should be a good next few days of shopping and endless DIYing.


  1. oh shoot, i bookmarked these on zappos i think a long time ago- good choice, hope they work out!

  2. i love these wedges so much!!

  3. Thanks so much for passing by at my blog! I love yours, great stuff!!!
    Love the wedges too, very modern!

    Kisses and hugs!!
    See you!!