Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ive mentioned it before and I will say it again, if I have to: I love anything that creeps me out while remaining completely and utterly beautiful. Just as Aoi Kotsuhiroi's hair, bone, porcelain, and crystal jewelry line did earlier this year, Dezeen's work absolutely fits into this special place in my heart. Dezeen's Anna Schwamborn also uses authentic human hair but also human ashes of cremated loved ones in her jewelry but also a more polished gold detailing and black bone china. Schwamborn has worked for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood and is studying at Central St Martins in London. She describes Dezeen:

Mourning Objects

Wearable body pieces including human material

The collection of objects contains post-mortem memorial pieces which include aspects of a deceased corpse, namely hair and cremated ashes. Human remains act as an important medium of remembering a passed away loved one and are some of the longest lasting and most individual natural materials. Besides pure hair being used, cremated human ashes are mixed with black bone china, the world´s highest class porcelain. Above: Mourning Objects, necklace. The objects are supposed to be worn close to the body of the mourner symbolizing a lasting physical connection between two individuals even after death. Above: Mourning Objects, watch chain tear catcher. Furthermore this collection is supposed to remind the wearer on the fragility and appreciation of life and most importantly, acting as a keepsake.

Info and Photos from Dezeen Blog by Brad Turner


  1. yes!! "I love anything that creeps me out while remaining completely and utterly beautiful" i couldn't agree more. it's so frustrating w/ some of the reactions i get when wearing rackkandruin's hair necklace. i don't know why i even bother explaining/justifying why i love it. people can be so close-minded!!

  2. theres just something so satisfying when that part of my interest level has been reached - even with movies, gory films that cant get me to look away are my favorite. its a fine line but in this case: success.

  3. Creepy yet beautiful... in short, thought-provoking.

    Sophie, the Barton Girl

  4. A bit eerie, but intriguing. I saw hair earrings in Hot Topic the other day, synthetic, no doubt. I really like the texture the hair has on the bracelet.

    Messy, quirky, odd...yes!

    PS: Really digging your blog, care to trade links?