Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just a moment ago I approved an Anonymous comment from the genius behind Lambs Ear Shoes - an online boutique that "has been operating out of Seattle, Washington since March 2007. Now offering items available online, we ship anywhere in the United States and overseas. Each shoe available is carefully chosen based on material, craft, and design" - according to the website. Honestly, Im honored that someone from such a well executed shop would have found my blog. Lambs Ear carries the best of LD Tuttle, my absolute favorite designer in shoes and all around beautiful leather work, as well as some incredible Arielle de Pinto necklaces. Despite my enamorment with Langoliers and Pam Liou, in general, de Pinto is a mastermind at delicate but bold statement pieces and there is nothing more Id want in my wardrobe, if only I could afford it. Anyhow, the photos of this boutique only add to its all-around allure. If I were in Washington, Lambs Ear would be my haven.

How beautiful does this place look?! Has anyone been there? Id love to hear a review.
Plus, I already love the staff for finding my blog and being adorable - love you, Lambs Ear!


  1. ahhh! that table is amazing! the store looks incredible

  2. Everything awesome usually comes out of Seattle. The shop looks fun! Going to check out the website

  3. It looks like a really great store!

  4. the necklaces look great but that wood furniture, as stephanie kim said, is beautiful!


  5. Hey Sarah, so nice of you to say??? How the heck did you find out about my store? I'm honored...holy cow! If you ever NEED anything, you be sure to holler, k? I LOVE your blog, damn, you girls are good!