Friday, July 17, 2009


The Oak Jewelry Trunk Show last night was an immense success. It seriously couldnt have gone any better. There was an enormous turn out and despite the growing sauna-like atmosphere of the store, itself, the party went on far later than 9 oclock. I met such good people, such a seriously friendly atmosphere. All of the designers that showed - Langoliers, Pamela Love, Chris Habana, and Anna Sheffield - had amazing pieces available on the spot and for pre-order. I, myself, only made one purchase on the spot - the Triangle Rosary by Chris Habana that Ive been eyeing ever since I first posted about the event and caught a glimpse of it on his site. Needless to say, its just as amazing in person and hung really well which is a feat because having big boobs is not condusive to successful necklace wearing (hence all the bracelets and rings in my collection). Im most excited, however, to see what Langoliers will be coming out with for Fall. Pam Liou, the founder and Women's designer for Langoliers, Im proud to say, has become a dear friend of mine and she recently recruited Zon Chu to be her Men's designer. Just seeing her newest breastplate piece last night as well as the delicate gunmetal duo that Zon was wearing gives me great hopes for their future in the jewelry business because the work is only getting better and more beautiful.


Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night!

Photos by Tommy Chase Lucas


  1. ohhh love the necklace you picked up!! i wish i could have made it out last night but i had too many other things going on. i'm sure i'll make it out to one of the next oak parties..

  2. That triangle rosary looks amazing! x

  3. the triangle rosary is fantastic, i like the idea of taking the basics of a rosary and adding a differnt, non religious element, very cool

    and the new pam love stuff looks kickass, her arrowhead necklace has caught my eye...i have a vintage one that i constantly wear but her version is very cool too