Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Im not proud to admit it, but I dont have a (functioning) digital camera - hence the lack of photos of any quality or frequency. This, however, needed immediate documentation because Im really proud of this particular DIY. Usually, it takes me a long time to finally cut into any article of clothing, no matter how badly I want to DIY it, for fear that I may ruin something already satisfactory but last name, out of the blue, I pulled out a pair of Silence + Noise black denim shorts - a pair I wear frequently but had a few complaints about - and began a completely unplanned project. The stars mustve been aligned because the outcome is just too good to be true. First I took my newest and most favorite batch of studs, silver triangles, and made a trapezoid (I wish it were a triangle but I didnt have enough studs - soon enough, though) on the back left pocket, and then, upon putting them on this morning, I hacked off the hems and shredded a bit of the bottom, cutting off the extra fringe so that they are simply frayed, rather than distressed. They are now perfect. My buttcheeks stick out. I love them. Walked all around the city in them today, paired with an oversized black shirt, tucked into the studded pocket, with a variety of brass and silver bangles from several Etsy designers, three silver rings, tortiseshell Ray Bans and my Acne Above 1 pumps. It was a great outfit and therefore, a great day. Its really that simple.

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  1. omg i need to try that , i cannot do diys they always come out like crap, but this look awesome!!
    i need to do some of this , looks like fun!
    and your outfit too!!


  2. every time i think i'm tired of seeing studded pockets, someone creates another epic pair that's slightly different. these rule dude!! can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve on sunday...

  3. These are awesome I seriously want them!! Nice Post! =)

  4. these are amazing, i love when people actually make things themselves instead of spending a fortune.

  5. i quite dislike studding yet i find these shorts strangely beautiful. perhaps it's the trapezoid. well done on the diy and on the blog- it is already one of my tops