Monday, July 27, 2009


The word hardly even sounds like a word anymore, Ive used it so much, even in thought, in my Online search for the perfect pair to suit my bizarrely proportioned frame. "Trousers". Trow-zerz. Ridiculous. Anyhow, Acne Pre-Fall seems to be the best place for my hunt to end. I tried to more reasonably priced route and purchased Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Pleated Trouser (there it is again!) but my thighs were ever so slightly too thick and I just wasnt comfortable in them, for fear that if I sat down too quickly without adjusting the fabric, I might just rip right out of them, Hulk-style. So, those went back where they came from. S+N also makes a Slouch Trouser but Rayon makes me nervous. I want the bang for my buck so Im raising the bar and Ive narrowed the possibilities to Acne's Pre-Fall Joni Black and Gray, the Zoom, the Former, and Spring Sale on the Zero Dart for good measure. Definitely leaning towards the Joni because I feel the minimal pleating will best flatter my hips but also Im not a huge fan of the bulge in the crotch and waist created by the fold over buttoning of the Zoom and the Former. Hopefully I can make it out to their Chinatown store this weekend and figure this mess out because I really need pants.


  1. I love the look of very boyish trousers.

  2. the black ones are perfection!

    more so than those, personally i am wondering when on earth we will be able to buy those incredible shoes.

    (ps hi, love your blog!)


  3. Oh I know just how you feel, been looking for a couple of slightly baggy/relaxed looking trousers to add to my fall wardrobe - I love skirts and dresses but they don't always suit my tomboyish lifestyle. Having a derriere unfortunately has made this search ever so difficult but I shall persevere. These look absolutely amazing, and I agree with noelani about those shoes.

  4. I am always looking for trousers... have you checked Ann Dem this season? I saw a pair at browns... divine..

  5. did you decide on a pair? and i found a bunch of acne trousers for 70% off at

    and sorry i pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after diy or die. definitely want to attend an oak event soon!

  6. this is tempted to get the sweat trousers and one of the jackets but i have way too many trousers and jackets already. i really try to limit visits to oak online and in real life. i need to get a blocker filter thing for oak online!