Friday, August 21, 2009


I been staring at the newly released special edition covers of V magazine for about thirty minutes before it occurred to me how dire it was I reposted and commented on them. Honestly, one of the best shoots Ive seen in ages, these photos moved me in my favorite way. At first, I saw them posted incomplete and felt somewhat confused by three exquisite headshots alongside one stark pentagrammed frontal image but now, as I take them in in their entirety, I am blown away. There is something so perfectly creepy to nearly every one of them - bloody steak chestplate, noose neck cincher, crocodile necktie, and - the subtlest of all - raw meat earring. I am blown away. Not to mention, there are images amongst them that do not feature these accessories and that is to the credit of the stylist, for if every girl were adorned in such a way, the magic of that touch would be gone. They are all, however, in full Virginal Sacrifice mode, regardless of whether or not they are adorned with fresh flowers of fresh meat and witchcraft. That being said, these are amazing:

My top choices would have to be Ranya, Hanne, and Valentina.
Files from Coute Que Coute


  1. woah, kind of drowned corpse-y, in a really cool way

  2. is it me or one of them is wearing an earing made out of a REAL eyeball?
    loving it

  3. Hannes earring, it appears, is an actual earring encased in meat.

  4. valentina, hanne, and alana = my faves. really captivating shoots. v never disappoints.

  5. always love V .... inspirational and visionary always, xoxo