Monday, September 7, 2009


Iro's upcoming collection blows everything theyve done in the past straight out of the water. Until now, I have not been impressed but, at this moment, I am astonished and delighted and aching for some of this collection. I love these looks for similar reasons for which I love Carin Wester and Kimberly Ovitz - because of the shape of the body they create, the way they promise to fit and allow for curves and hips, creating them where there are none on narrow girls and accentuating the assets of curvier girls - however, these pieces appeal to me more in the way that this modeled is styled. She looks incredible and there is something very satisfying in her look and the way the clothes fit her and her poses. Regardless, I love the clothes. As Im becoming more and more tailored, this is the way I long to dress.


  1. damn. i love every single look. especially those sheer leggings!

  2. I'm obsessed with this. I would wear every single outfit (except that gray sweater... I don't like it for some reason). I neeeeeeed one of those jackets!