Sunday, October 25, 2009


At this point it may look as though I am merely chronicling my spending:

Hector Jacket by Kimberly Ovitz / Fishtail Skirt from Bona Drag

Im particularly excited about these two pieces because they are both not only amazing but true assets to my wardrobe, things that serve a purpose in both fashion and function. The jacket is much needed as I have an unusual amount of warm wool coats and a solid foundation in cardigans but nothing but a leather jacket in between. This I will be able to throw on by itself or under a peacoat and still look properly outfitted for the cooling weather. The skirt, on the other hand, is awesome because its so elegant and can be dressed up or down - either way it offers a very versatile base to any top, be it silk, satin, or vintage. Mostly, Im excited to have found two things that not only do I love but I also "need" (says the girl who is really in need of nothing).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ive been a very disappointing blogger for almost a month.
All of the Fashion Week stuff is just too much for me, everyone else is already saying what there is to be said and so, to avoid becoming redundant or otherwise irrelevant, I have just maintained my silence and I will continue to do so as soon as I say one thing: as much as I loved Alexander Wang's use of braids in New York a few weeks back, in my opinion, Miu Miu did it better. Maybe its because Ive just recently begun middle-parting more than side-parting (and the side part was a big, dramatic thing for me, the end of an era, even) but I just love these braids a little more than the first. I love the mixture of the super sleek and shiny severe part that devolves into the slow unraveling of the braid even down past the hip, framing the clothes rather than distracting from them. While Wang's choice of hair did not distract, it didnt really highlight anything about the rugby inspired collection while the braids from Miu Miu could not make any more perfect sense alongside the hint-of-school-girl pieces. I especially love it with the severe collars and flared skirts. But Thank God because for Miu Miu to do the long braid a second time this season, after the huge success of round one, and not be as good would have been pretty lousy for them.

As usual, I am always shopping and have some things to share in a folder on my desktop
titled, "Liked", the contents of which I intend on sharing sooner rather than later. X.