Friday, February 26, 2010


This editorial was made for me and it pains me to think I used to have this exact hair color - not
because it wasnt amazing but because it did become a bit too much to maintain. The red did,
however, look amazing in just about any hairstyle - this makes me wish I still had it around to fishtail.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Samantha Pleet Slip Dress / Friend of Mine Clogs / Alexander Wang Bag / Vintage Jewelry

Monday, February 22, 2010


For months now I have had Friend of Mine bookmarked, aching for something from any of their collections - honestly, almost anything would do. This Australian brand mustve read my mind when it came to designing a delightfully 90s inspired series of collections. Though I cant see myself in everything by Friend of Mine, I love looking at it all. Well, finally, a few weeks ago, I placed my order for a pair of platform clogs and a leather backpack. As these were coming from across the globe, I ran a big risk in being disappointed and then potentially stuck with the items but when I opened the package two days ago, I couldnt have been happier or more impressed. The backpack is adorable and is already my new daily bag but its the shoes that have really swept me off my feet - not literally, of course, because really they keep me wonderfully planted. They are so well designed as, despite being clogs, stay perfectly on the foot and are comfortable and easy to walk in. I am so thrilled to wear these every day this summer and wouldnt mind a second pair, to be honest.

I, however, think I picked some of the less obvious pieces by Friend of Mine as there are actually some really amazing pieces that I could imagine infinite people in NYC and, well, anywhere just absolutely loving. Cut-out dresses, buckle wedges, lace-up booties, mini-skirts, leather, crop tops, etc. Without further ado, here are some of the most adorable looks from across the seasons at Friend of Mine:

Monday, February 15, 2010


Again, redundant as Zana at Garbage Dress has more than sufficiently covered this but this photo
came up on my Facebook Newsfeed and I had to save it. Staerk FW 2010, ladies and gentlemen.

I have a soft spot for cellphone photos.


Caylee at If You Seek Style covered it pretty perfectly, so this is really just redundant at this point
but Im going to say it anyway. Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang really did a beautiful job nailing
the perfect direction for both design houses.

Its common knowledge that I love Alexander Wang, but every time he creates a new collection Im
just so proud that he hasnt disappointed where he easily could have. This season he brings us bare
midriffs and sweaters. Velvet, mesh and fur appropriately allocated in beautiful drapery that we all
know will still be wearable, one piece at a time, for the regular girl just lusting after these sexy looks.

Helmut Lang, on the other hand, makes me want to wear pants more - something that very rarely
happens and may actually occur today with this collection as inspiration. Mostly, those jackets are
unreal. Really perfecting the drape of Rick Owens but with the cozy elegance of additional fur and
deep hues of green, red, and blue.


Nicole Miller is one of my moms favorites - my favorite of my moms favorites because I love taking her
there and making her try on all kinds of classy, chic, age appropriate outfits. This fall, however, I am
going to be joining her in lusting over what Miller has to offer. Sleek, black, hints of forest green. Its
everything Ive been aching to add to my wardrobe this past fall, but I think I can be patient.


Friday, February 12, 2010


Incredible as always...

I still feel so honored to have been able to be in their studios, Lisa Mayock personally making my ultimate Birthday dress happen. Its something that will always make my 21st unforgettable and endlessly special because as Vena Cava grows, they remain one of my favorite design teams, always pulling out trends with classic edges and completely unique inspirations.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


After quite the hiatus over there, were back with a new layout and many new posts featuring
new arrivals and staff favorites, in-store and out. More to come. Check us out! Follow us! Enjoy!