Monday, February 22, 2010


For months now I have had Friend of Mine bookmarked, aching for something from any of their collections - honestly, almost anything would do. This Australian brand mustve read my mind when it came to designing a delightfully 90s inspired series of collections. Though I cant see myself in everything by Friend of Mine, I love looking at it all. Well, finally, a few weeks ago, I placed my order for a pair of platform clogs and a leather backpack. As these were coming from across the globe, I ran a big risk in being disappointed and then potentially stuck with the items but when I opened the package two days ago, I couldnt have been happier or more impressed. The backpack is adorable and is already my new daily bag but its the shoes that have really swept me off my feet - not literally, of course, because really they keep me wonderfully planted. They are so well designed as, despite being clogs, stay perfectly on the foot and are comfortable and easy to walk in. I am so thrilled to wear these every day this summer and wouldnt mind a second pair, to be honest.

I, however, think I picked some of the less obvious pieces by Friend of Mine as there are actually some really amazing pieces that I could imagine infinite people in NYC and, well, anywhere just absolutely loving. Cut-out dresses, buckle wedges, lace-up booties, mini-skirts, leather, crop tops, etc. Without further ado, here are some of the most adorable looks from across the seasons at Friend of Mine:


  1. The shoes are sick. Opening Ceremony right?

  2. nope! those are Friend of Mine's own buckle wedge for a fraction of the price! crazy, right?!

  3. You picked two great items i want the backpack so bad but can't find it! I just bought the studded peggy dress, all summer collection is on sale! xx

  4. cool cool and stylish!love them
    nice blog...i followed you... see mine if you want!