Monday, February 15, 2010


Caylee at If You Seek Style covered it pretty perfectly, so this is really just redundant at this point
but Im going to say it anyway. Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang really did a beautiful job nailing
the perfect direction for both design houses.

Its common knowledge that I love Alexander Wang, but every time he creates a new collection Im
just so proud that he hasnt disappointed where he easily could have. This season he brings us bare
midriffs and sweaters. Velvet, mesh and fur appropriately allocated in beautiful drapery that we all
know will still be wearable, one piece at a time, for the regular girl just lusting after these sexy looks.

Helmut Lang, on the other hand, makes me want to wear pants more - something that very rarely
happens and may actually occur today with this collection as inspiration. Mostly, those jackets are
unreal. Really perfecting the drape of Rick Owens but with the cozy elegance of additional fur and
deep hues of green, red, and blue.


  1. and you laughed at my matching velvet ensemble

  2. i laughed in delight! id only ever make fun of something that amuses me in a good way. otherwise - i try to keep my mouth shut!

  3. Oh my God! Just love the Helmut Lang collection!!!

  4. i need a pair of pants which fit as tight as some of them. x