Sunday, March 14, 2010


Alright, so, I have this thing where I dont wear pants. Almost ever. Sure, I have pants - two pairs of black skinny jeans (both OAK), skinny indigo Dominos, high waisted boyfriend jeans in baby blue by Philip Lim, baby blue Naked and Famous super skinny and super low-rise, etc - but whenever I put them on, I remember that I find jeans incredibly uncomfortable and, knowing that two hours into my day Im going to regret my decision, I almost always take them off and change before heading out the door. But today, in the wake of Spring/Summer weather and after randomly watching three hours of LA Ink last night and seeing Kat Von D in a pair just like them, I randomly decided to try on a pair of almost-white jeans that we had in the store. They were a size 27 so it was an enormous stretch of my imagination that they would even fit but somehow...they did! and theyre Cheap Mondays! and theyre comfortable! and stretchy! and Im so into them.

Im also due a visit to Urban Outfitters, as I am very impressed with this season looks, especially the legging-like options for my legs. But, as usual, I am prepared for disappointment. I dont have models legs and so I am easily fooled by lookbook photos. Some people can pull off pants and leggings and look sexy and long and feminine but I dont have this natural skill. Im not one of those people. At five foot two, I need heels and minis to give my legs the illusion of length but regardless, Im giving it my all. Trying to, at least!


  1. I hear ya, girl! I'm more often than not disappointed with my legs' inability to magically transform into supermodel gams when I don a pair of pants... but those look like the holy grail!! Wear 'em with pride!


  2. i enjoy seeing your sporadic posts on my rss feed... i'll be in the city in less than a week, we should catch up!

  3. that pair is sooooo nice. I'd ruin them and sit in a melted popsicle or something - but I'd probably still wear em - stain n all.

  4. i fully expect to ruin these - probably with dog park mud in my case - but thats okay, they were very inexpensive.