Monday, April 19, 2010


There is no way to say it enough: Chris Habana is the sweetest, not to mention insanely talented jewelry designer of which I can think to adorn myself in the wares. Well, in my journey and eventual arrival at his studio/apartment to obtain a linked triangle bracelet and half moon plate necklace, my beloved pup, Ee-mah, ended up with the most adorable and perfect addition to her collar: a simple but sturdy silver triangle. Im so into it and even though shes a dog, shes my dog, so I am sure she has impeccable taste.

This is the whole lot as of now: vaccination tags, nameplate, and chrishabana triangle:

Endless Thanks to Chris!

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  1. haha never thought of "accessorizing" my dog in this way... i should see what kind of broken/old charms i have laying around for her