Sunday, May 23, 2010


There are a lot of changes, for me, happening currently and there are a lot of upcoming changes in the near future. First of all, it was my Birthday two weeks ago, also my New York University graduation ceremony - though I, technically, graduated in December - and lots of amazing new things happening at OAK just in time for me to leave, sadly. However, that digital camera I bought about a month back has come in very handy in documenting my final weeks in New York City, something that is much more monumental than I originally anticipated.

Mom and I at Macao / Diane Von Furstenberg Dress / Mom in Kai Akkman Blazer & Piko Dress

Soho Gallery / Vintage Sweater and Dress / OAK Sandals / A. Wang Brenda Bag

Birthday Party at the Manhattan Club / Shakuhachi Dress

Otto's Shrunken Head / A. Wang Bralette / Fletcher Skirt / A. Wang Brenda Bag / Chris Habana & Vintage Bracelets

OAK Williamsburg / A. Wang Bralette / Reformation Skirt / United Nude Wedges

Meredith's Birthday Dinner at John's / A. Wang T Dress

Addie's Roof / Reformation Dress / Super Sunglasses / Addie in A.OK Drape Top & A. Wang Bag

OAK Bond S2A Party / A. Wang Bralette / Reformation Skirt

Ice Shaver Man on Ave A / Opening Ceremony Sweater / Vintage Dress / A. Wang Brenda Bag

Thicker Than Water Tattoo / Freeloader Maxi Dress / A. Wang Halter Bra

My E. Village Apartment / Scarab Tattoo / A. Wang Crop T / Freeloader Maxi Dress

Four and a half more days in NYC - after five years, its hard to pinpoint this feeling, or plethora of feelings.
More photos soon, Im sure!


  1. Good luck on your move!!! NYC will surely miss you!


  2. dear girl,

    every ending is a new beginning, too. i am leaving sweden soon to emigrate to vancouver...
    i am horse obsessed - can you please tell me what kind of exhibition it is/was in soho gallery? thanks...


  3. these pictures are so fabulous!

  4. i should have stopped by oak to meet you before you left ny! you certainly have "big things ahead" and i'd love to feature you in my project about the FUTURE! email me if you'd like to be a part of it, blogfriend! can't wait to see what you have ahead of you.

  5. Superbe tes photos, l'ambiance est super bien retranscrite.


  6. wow you look so pretty! I love your hair color and long braids...

    but im confused, where are you going?

  7. The man in your third photo looks really beautiful. even more pretty than girls

  8. gorgeous!

  9. you really enjoy your trip,but that tatoo seems a little bad~

  10. haha - okay? thanks?

    its taken from an actual hieroglyphic drawing of a scarab so, for the record, its not supposed to be perfect or fancy in any way

  11. visiting your post and I do think you are really born to be a fashion blogger

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  13. visiting your blog, just like I'm in a fashion show

  14. i'm in love with ur vintage print dress and ur a.wangs!!

    Would love for you to check out what we have in store!

  15. and who made the boat bench you were sitting on?

  16. I love the idea of selling used shoes. I think that’s a good idea. Just make sure they are in good condition. ;)